We are an English speaking Grand Theft Auto V roleplay server. Running on the FiveM platform, with multiple custom scripts to help increase the immersive experience. Whether it’s joining the Police, selling drugs, saving for that Ferrari or just meeting new people. There is always something to do on the best GTA V roleplay server.

Apply to Whitelist


Multiple jobs to sign up for, from joing the Police force to fishing for that epic catch.

Custom Scripts

We boast a huge selection of Custom scripts. These scripts increase the immersive player experience. Ranging from drug dealing to robbing banks.

Custom Cars

Fancy driving Ferrari’s, Lamborghini’s or maybe a classic Mini Cooper. We have a large amount of custom cars. (start saving your pennies up)


Syndicate Life RP runs on a powerful server, allowing for a seamless lag free playing experience.


With a combination of ‘Dirty’ & ‘Clean’ money, there are plenty of things to buy & sell. Guns, cars or even some bread to keep your energy up!

Explore & Socialize

Maybe fighting crime on Los Santo’s streets isn’t for you. There is a whole map to explore & socialize in. There are heaps of animations to help with all player engagments.

Download & Play

  1. Download GTA V
  2. Download FiveM
  3. Enter the server IP
  4. Join our Discord for rules & help